Humane Entrepreneurship Symposium


This is perhaps the first ever Humane Entrepreneurship (HE) symposium held in Indonesia. Despite of the discussion about entrepreneurship has been a highly popular topic among business society, it has not been covered the humane perspective as an integral part of it. This somehow understandable since the concept that combines humane aspect with entrepreneurship has just recently developed by Prof. Ki-Chan Kim couple of years back. Therefore, this is going to be a very exciting symposium and truly one of a kind.

In this rare opportunity we aim to deliver the fundamental concept about HE directly from the inventor himself who will also share his findings based on his global reserach on HE. In the panel session we will further discuss about the development and implementation of HE within several ASEAN countries from which where we will feature prominent speakers as well. This symposium will also feature one excellent example of HE implementation in Indonesia.

The main objective of this symposium is to enlight participants about this new HE model in such so they will embrace it and in turn disseminate that concept to relevant parties such as university students, busines communities, and beyond. At the end of the program we will also witness and participate in the inauguration of Humane Entrepreneurship ASEAN Center Jakarta.


Professor Ki-Chan Kim is currently a Professor of Management at the Catholic University’s School of Business. He teaches various courses including Humane Entrepreneurship in Capitalism, Platform and Business Eco-system and Korea Management. He served as vice-president for Catholic University of Korea and Dean of Business School.

Prof. Kim has advised many companies, such as Hyundai Motors, Samsung Electronics, POSCO and KINTEX. He has supported these companies as a board member/advisory professor to design sustainable eco-system that will improve the health of business. When he was in charge of International Council for Small Business (ICSB), he empathized happiness of employees in small and medium enterprise through Humane Entrepreneurship. He strongly believes commitment from employees is the ultimate asset of a company. Prof. Kim declared the importance of Humane Entrepreneurship at the United Nation headquarter in June 2016.

Prof. Kim was appointed as member of National Economic Advisory Council for the South Korea President. More recently, he became member of Review Committee for New Growth Engine in Prime Minister’s Ofce. He continues to advise both Minister of Industry and Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration.

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